Discover Scuba Diving (DSD)

* 1 day  $ 130

Introduction to scuba diving.  First, a half-hour of theory, then several skills, then a dive to a maximum depth of 40 feet.  Maximum of four divers per instructor.

Emergency First Response

* 1 day $ 150

PADI JR. Advanced

$ 320

Emergency First Response (EFR)

One day course

$ 150



Scuba Diver Course

* 2 days $ 320

Three theory lessons with a manual, 3 confined water sessions, and 2 dives to a maximum of 40 feet. Course results in PADI certification with the following restrictions: must be accompanied by a dive professional on all dives, 40 foot maximum.

Open Water Diver Course

* 4 days $ 420

Five theory lessons with a manual and video, five confined water sessions, and four dives to a maximum depth of 60 feet.  This complete course awards a final PADI certification that allows diving anywhere in the world without a dive professional present.

PADI Dive master Internship

$ 1200

We specialize in custom Dive master internship programs, with or without on site accommodation. Depending on your certification level we can customize a program to your time frame and to where you want to go as a PADI Pro.

Advanced Course

*2 to 3 Days Course $320

Five adventure dives, which must include a deep dive and a navigation dive. The other 3 dives are at the choice of the student and instructor. This certification allows a diver to dive up to 100 feet.

Rescue Diver Course

3 to 4 Days course

$ 325

PADI JR. Open Water

$ 420

PADI Refresh course

$ 90

Divemaster Course

$ 800

The dive master certification is the first level of diving professional. A rewarding, very extensive course, you'll learn in-depth theory as well as practical training and lots of diving.

PADI Bubble maker Experience

$ 50

Children as young as 8 can have the thrill of trying scuba diving in our pool or protected lagoon, staying at a depth of less than six feet of water. It’s the perfect way for younger members of your family to experience the sport you love! Your child should be comfortable in the water but doesn’t need to be a super swimmer.

ELearning PADI


Complete the entire theory, videos, quizzes and final exam in the comfort of your own house, on any device ( laptop, PC, Tab or Phone0 and avoid studying while in vacation! Your course would last 2 and 1/2 days only.