PRINCE ALBERT WRECK sunk in 1995 is the most shallow and easy wreck in the area. Perfect for beginners, Advanced students or advanced divers. Next to the ship also lies the remains of a DC-3 airplane!

HALF MOON BAY it’s our HOUSE REEF! The bay is where Media Luna Resort is located and the diving center is right next to the beach area. You can shore dive from the diving center and reach the wall in only 10 minutes!

CALVIN’S CRACK is located on the East side from Media Luna Resort. The name comes from a crevice that starts from 30 ft and ends at 80 ft where it exits to the wall face. This is the place where we always spot SEA HORSES!

MARY’s PLACE is in the TOP 10 dive sites in Central America! You can’t miss this one if you are in Roatan!! A labyrinth on crevices that start as shallow as 30 feet and as deep as 140 feet. Stunning wall!

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